Al Samons for Presiding Commissioner

It is vital that you vote your values. With that in mind, please allow me a chance to explain a bit about who I am, what I stand for, and why you should vote for me to be Laclede County’s next Presiding Commissioner. In order to do that, let me first define exactly what I’ll be doing as Presiding Commissioner. I have spent a great amount of time listening to authorities in this field, people of very high character, experienced in county government.

I will be supervising 3 main departments daily. First, the courthouse’s main operations, including security, maintenance, and HR. Second, the operational planning and prepping of the office of emergency management. Last, I will be here to help Darrel Pollock, Western Commissioner and Joe Pickering, Eastern Commissioner in major road and bridge maintenance decisions. They each meet with or talk to the road and bridge supervisor, Mike Cottrell, daily to plan and execute maintenance projects.

I will proceed over all commission meetings, and will change the protocol. We will have the first monthly meeting in the evening. I will also invite all the courthouse, elected and appointed officials to be there, so you can ask any questions and make any suggestions for us to enhance or improve services. We will probably use courtroom A for this special meeting.

I will look at all of the Laclede County invested funds and make sure they are secure and we are getting the most interest for our capital assets. I will also review a Treasures report monthly.

I will meet with Governor Mike Parsons and Sandy Crawford again to make sure Laclede County stays up front and top in line for any state funding money to assist in infrastructure and road improvements for all county roads.

I will continue to be an effective advocate for Missouri’s right to carry, along with being a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

I will keep our children’s safety at school and church an absolute priority, and I will seek out new funding for drug and alcohol abuse programs on Day 1 of my term.

I will work with our Sheriff, Lebanon Police, Conway Police, and Missouri Highway Patrol to effectively slow down the trafficking and use of all illegal drugs. It has hurt many of our families, including mine in a big way. I will wade the Federal swamps for help for educational funding to slow down the big demand for all illegal drugs. I will suggest an illegal drug hotline. I will find and personally donate reward money for anonymous information on Laclede County suppliers.

OK, now just a couple of things you may not know about me.

I believe in people. I have helped many people acquire their first home, and have financed some of them. I believe in taking care of those who work for you, as loyal employees are your biggest assets. I am a Navy veteran; I will always give veterans preference if I can. The Navy taught me to be a strong, honest Patriot, and I will always stand for Old Glory and kneel at the cross. I will have a flag at the entrance of all country offices within my first week. I do understand this job, and I will be ready to serve you on day 1. There won’t be a need for on-the-job training.

I want to thank Danny Rhoades, Joe Pickering, Jack Glendenning, Darrel Pollock, Glenda Mott, and Linda Cansler for preparing me for the job ahead. I have a clear vision for my mission. I truly know what is expected of me, and I am ready to perform. I hope I have earned your vote. Please shade in the circle completely for Al Samons for Presiding Commissioner. Thank you.


Al Samons’ booth at the “Our Town, Your Town” festival, where he got the chance to meet, greet and listen to the concerns of our local community. Thanks to everyone that shared their input! Remember: Your vote for Al this fall can help make those suggestions a reality.


Because of his concern for the safety of his neighbors in Laclede County and those nearby, Al Samons generously donated property to build a storm siren on. This new siren will be heard everywhere within a 4.5-mile radius, and could potentially affect the lives of tens of thousands living in the local area.


Al is Out Among the People!

“You’ll see me in the coming weeks and months going door to door talking with local residents and taking the pulse of Laclede County. I’d love to come to any special events you’re having, so give me a call at (417)532-2125” — Al Samons


Al Samons canvassing neighborhoods, campaigning door-to-door in Area 1




To everyone that attended our fish dinner: Thanks for your support! It felt great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. And a special thanks goes out to State Representative Jeff Knight and Missouri Senator Sandy Crawford for making time to visit with us.


Also, congratulations to Jason Riggs for winning the rifle in our drawing!



Why Elect Al Samons for Laclede County Presiding Commissioner?

  • He’s a successful businessman with over 35 years of experience in Laclede County, so he’s familiar with responsibility and accountability. He also knows the area, its people, and how they work together.
  • He is experienced with budgeting – for example, during his time as President of the Missouri Manufactured Housing Association, he brought them from having very little assets to having more than $1 million in assets.
  • Al Samons Wants to continue the progress presently being made by our Commission, and plans to have an “open door”, an “open mind” and “open ears” for ideas to help Laclede Country continue to grow.


Your Support & Vote will be greatly appreciated!

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In the August 7th Republican Primary, vote for Al Samons for Laclede County Presiding Commissioner